Michael Pawlowski show  featuring Eric Dondero on Race Realism,  February 5, 2019


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Twitter exchange, January 30, 2019, Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero vs. Anthropologist Spencer Wells

Subject: Neanderthal DNA Test and changes from 2013 in procedures to today.

Twitter exchange, March 26, 2019, Subspecieist Editor Eric Dondero vs. Dr. Charles Murray

Subject: Genetic determinism




Denisovans much more diverse species than previously believed

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Three distinct lineages including possible New Species? by Michael Pawloski (YouTube) According to the article, Denisovans interbred with modern humans in two distinct waves, causing there to be 3 variations.…

First Reviews in for “William” Neanderthal boy film by Tim Disney

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"Thought provoking on a subject worth viewing" "William" opened on Friday, only theaters in Los Angeles and New York.  This indicates a less-than-stellar demand.  "William" may be headed straight to…

BREAKING: New human fossil find announced in the Philippines – Homo Luzonensiz

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Scientists are dubbing it "a new branch of the human family tree." A total of 13 fossil bones and teeth have been found in the Callao cave in northern Luzon…

Sargon confirms Race Realism support in YouTube Train Wreck debate

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Starting at the 3.28 minute mark (YouTube), Sargon of Akkad and Destiny discuss racial differences and characteristics such as height and intelligence.  Nick Fuentes joins in with Sargon to mock…

Latest from Pew: Dramatic race differences on Science knowledge

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Whites got most test answers right: Blacks, Hispanics scored poorly Just released...  Pew Research (April 2) gave an on-line test to some 6,000 participants.  Pew asked respondents to list their ethnicity. …

New research analysis, fossil finds suggest separate Evolutionary Path for E. Asians

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East Asians not Out of Africa, after all?  NatGeo is reporting on new research analysis of 4 teeth discovered 1972 and 1983 in the Tongzi county of southern China.  They…

MIT Genome researcher admits Genetic differences among Europeans, Asians, Africans

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From Broad Institute, March 29, Study highlights need to increase diversity within genetic data sets “According to a new study, however, polygenic scores developed by studying Europeans do a better…

Evo-Biologist Richard Dawkins blasts Cambridge’s decision to ban Jordan Peterson

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Famed Atheist defends Christian Conservative's right to speak Dr. Dawkins has been receiving a great deal of media as of late.  He recently compared Islam to a "cancer." From Newsweek,…

New research on deep diving Bajau people breathes new life into previously maligned Aquatic Ape theory

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"Aquatic ape theory (AAT) proposes that humans went through an aquatic or semi-aquatic stage in our evolution... the physical difference is due to the possibility that our ancestors lived a…

African American man apologizes to Stefan Molyneux: Acknowledges Race & IQ matter

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In a 5 minute video, personally addressed to libertarian philosopher Stefan Molyneux, Michael Norton acknowledges that race and IQ differences are real.  He earlier rejected Molyneux.  But now says: "I'd…

Univ. of London Prof. recognizes Race Realism in NHS genetics testing debate

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently took a genetics test for predisposition to disease. He was shocked by the result.  His tests came back with a 12 to 15% increased chance…

Jurassic Park film adviser says Genetic Engineered dinosaurs within 5 years

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Actor Jeffrey Goldblum says not so fast As The Week explains, Feb. 17,  on Extinction: "Using DNA technology, scientists are working on recreating species that have disappeared. The technology, called…

More evidence emerges Neanderthal DNA boosts brain functions in ethno-Euros

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As reported by our friends at FilthyMonkeyMen.com, Adam Benton, Jan 29, We have more Neanderthal ancestry than we thought "In 2017 we found a second complete Neanderthal genome, revealing that some of…