He has been called the UK’s version of Nick Fuentes. Britain’s top Groyper is Unwashed, (Brandon or Ed).  He is a YouTube celebrity, also on Bitchute and DLive.  On YouTube he has over 2,100 subscribers.

Unwashed, originally a hip hop DJ, is a favorite guest on Patriotic Alternative hosted by Mark Collett and Laura Towler, Red Ice with Henrik and Lana and other nationalist, white identity YouTube channels.

Groypers are a mostly youthful, white identity group.  They take a particularly bombastic approach to politics.

From the far leftist ADL website:

Like the alt right and other white supremacists (sic), Groypers believe they are working to defend against demographic and cultural changes that are destroying the “true America”—a white, Christian nation.  However, Groypers differ in a number of ways from the alt right. They identify themselves as “American nationalists” who are part of the “America First” movement.  To the Groypers, “America First” means that the U.S. should close its borders, bar immigrants, oppose globalism and promote “traditional” values…

A favorite Groyper tactic includes showing up to mainstream conservative events, and asking tough questions for the speakers during Q&A.

The ADL website describes one Q&A questioner, at a Charlie Kirk TPUSA event in 2019:

[A] Groyper commented that “whites will account for less than 50% of the population in the United States” by 2045. He went on to claim that most groups other than whites, including immigrants, vote for Democrats, and added, “Can you prove that our white European ideals will be maintained if the country is no longer made up of white European descendants?”

Unwashed extends a hand of friendship to UK Counter-Jihadist Melanie Phillips

In the past, Unwashed has often coddled anti-Jew activists and snarked on his shows about Jewish conspiracy theories. Thanks largely to this website, Unwashed now appears to be taking a different course.

In an interview with Subspecieist.com, June 2, Unwashed began with the following:

Right people, this is really important. We need to unite the right…

On including right wing Jews in the movement for white well being and against white extinction:

I literally don’t care at this point.  If they [right-wing Jews] want the borders closed, the grooming gang report released, and jihadis and rapists deported, then I’m happy to stand with them. Look at how unified the left is despite massive ideological differences.  This splintering is why we lose.  [Emphasis added]

He added:

Anyone on the side of the white western world, our morals and way of life, should band together.  [Emphasis added]

On the so-called JQ:

The idea that every Jewish person is implicated is straight up retarded. Antisemitism laws provide a cloak for some awful stuff.

And finally:

Melanie Phillips is right about so, so much, and she’s Jewish.

Editor’s note – We thank Unwashed for the interview.  For reference Twitter, June 2.


A few minutes into his Live-cast today, Unwashed said the following, referring to non-white immigrants and to protesters:

Why do you have to destroy what we’ve got [in white homelands].  We just want to be left alone.  Left alone.


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  • Unwashed says:

    You never interviewed me Eric. You’ve mischaracterised me. That’s pretty Jewish behaviour if you ask me.

    And my name’s not Ed.

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