“Tribalism is the root of nationalism.  Humans have always been and will always be tribal”

Lana Lokteff, often described as a white nationalist in the mainstream media, has just released a surprisingly pro-diversity video.  Lokteff appears to be moving towards adopting the views of Subspecieist.com in full; that maximum diversity for our human species is best accomplished through preservation of tribal and ethnic homelands.

Red Ice TV was recently banned from YouTube.  Explains the Guardian, Nov. 21:

Red Ice TV had suffered a serious setback when it was permanently banned from YouTube for repeated violations of its policy against hate speech. But Red Ice TV still had a home on Facebook, allowing the channel’s 90,000 followers…

Many contemporary proponents of white nationalism fixate on conspiracy theories (sic) about demographic change and consider racial or ethnic diversity to be acts of “genocide” against the white race.

Their new video premiered on BitChute, November 22, “Nationalism Explained.”  It already has nearly 2,000 views.

Excerpts, of particular relevance for the Subspecieist.com community:

The concept of nationalism is as old as humanity.  We just never needed to call it by name, until now. Tribalism is the root of nationalism.  Humans have always been and will always be tribal… the planet has been organized this way for thousands of years.  It’s how nature created us.

A nation is made up of a particular tribe of people, united by common ancestry, culture and language, inhabiting a territory that is all theirs for their people to thrive.  They share a collective identity primarily rooted in ancestry.  It’s what binds them together… it is rooted in your genetic make-up.  And from these genes comes the physical and cultural expressions of humanity. And these expressions make up the world’s diversity in all its forms. That diversity represents a million years in the making…

Globalists seek to destroy sovereign nations, seek to make us all the same…

[The Globalists’] goal is one race, one language, one culture that is easy to control.

At the 3.20 mark, Lana presents a clip from a publication:

Evolutionary biologists say humans will eventually homogenize, and approach the appearance of mixed race Brazilians.

Also of particular note, Lana specifically states at the 2.30 minute mark, that nationalism “does not mean you won’t have a few minorities living in your country,” which runs completely counter to the narrative of the liberal media that white nationalists are exclusive and discriminatory against other-than-whites.

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