Penn Law Professor Amy Wax was a recent panel participant at the Edmund Burke Foundation’s National Conservatism conference in Washington D.C.  The Foundation prides itself in being an advocate of conservative thought and free expression.

A description of the event and her remarks from the left-biased Daily Pennsylvanian, July 18:

Wax said at a panel on immigration that immigrants are responsible for an increase in “litter,” and America would be “better off” if it were dominated numerically by Western people.

“The position [is] that our country will be better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites,” Wax said.

Wax claimed that her statements were not racist because she opposes nonwhite immigrants for their culture rather than their biology, Vox reported.

Wax positively cited Donald Trump’s description of non-European countries as “shithole countries,” according to Vox, and argued for a “cultural distance” approach to immigration that “preserves the United States as a Western and First World nation.”

Professor Wax, raised in a Jewish household, has since garnered national media attention from outlets ranging from academic journals to Yahoo News.  Since the controversy began, few conservatives and libertarians have come to her defense. One notable exception, self-proclaimed “caveman conservative” Josh Hammer, former John Marshall fellow at the Claremont Institute and editor of The Daily Wire:

Professor Wax has since responded to the brutal attacks.  From, July 23:

Wax is taking a planned sabbatical for the upcoming academic year, according to a university spokesperson, but she clarified to Bloomberg Law in an email that she has “no plans” to leave Penn permanently.

“The students need me,” Wax wrote. “When I’m gone, the place goes full North Korea. (It’s 95% there).”

English Anthropologist and YouTube sensation the Jolly Heretic Edward Dutton in an exclusive to, defended his fellow right-leaning academic colleague:

She said that America should favour Western immigrants as I understand it. This is just common sense. The key predictor of being a ‘Western’, that is wealthy and civilized, is national IQ. If you favour anything other than Western immigrants then you will reduce IQ and essentially stop being ‘Western.’ Moreover, you will create ethnic diversity which Putnam’s research has proved leads to lower trust and cooperation, meaning less efficiency, more conflict, less wealth and less efficiency in the education system.

If America wants to stay Western it must favour Western immigration. Those who disagree do not want America to stay Western.

Note – Dutton has a Ph.D from in Religious Studies from Aberdeen University.  He retains the title of Docent at University of Oulu in Finland. Dutton, a relative of Sir Piers Dutton, Ruler of the Cheshires (Tudors), is currently the Editor of Mankind Quarterly. MQ is a rightist Anthropology journal that highlights human biodiversity and race and IQ studies. You can support his efforts at


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