The Security Guard who made the comments is Black

Baltimore is having an increasingly difficult time attracting white suburbanites to downtown attractions.  An email was recently sent around to board members of the Downtown Baltimore Partnership that included explicit language.  One instance was highlighted.  A black security guard noticed that a regular band of black teens were allegedly harassing whites.

From the Baltimore Sun, April 19, “References to race in Downtown Partnership security email prompt criticism, accusations of racial profiling”:

“On Tuesday, a security guard from Admiral Security Services sent an email to the group’s senior vice president of safety about a cluster of five black teenagers he suspected stole a woman’s phone a week before. The security guard described the group as “displaying behaviors indicative of predators” whose “target market” might be Caucasians.”

Politically correct guidelines will now be issued to prevent such frank discussion in the future. Continuing:

“William Marcus, senior vice president of safety for the Downtown Partnership, said in an email that he planned to issue guidelines for communication in response to the incident. Marcus added that he and the security guard who wrote the initial email are African American.”

In reaction, from “Free Speech is good” Pale Primate:



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