“Thought provoking on a subject worth viewing”

“William” opened on Friday, only theaters in Los Angeles and New York.  This indicates a less-than-stellar demand.  “William” may be headed straight to NetFlix and Redbox.

From Hollywood Reporter:

“Tim Disney’s drama concerns the repercussions when a scientist couple creates the first Neanderthal to walk the earth in 35,000 years.”

Reviews are remarkably similar.  Most giving the film by Walt Disney nephew Tim Disney, good marks for cinematography, acting and effort, but lower marks for plot and drama.  All the reviewers are suggesting the movie was rather tame.

RogersMovieNation.com gives it 2.5 stars:

“William” lacks the fireworks or even high drama that would give it scale or stakes, that would make it more consequential. And its moral parable feels underdeveloped. But Disney still has managed to tell a thought-provoking story on a subject worth viewing through a lens of ethics and morality, even if he can’t quite break free of “Planet of the Apes” parallels.”

Hollywood Reporter notes that the film ends in a “surprise twist.”


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