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In mid-May, Subspecieist.com posted an article on University of Liverpool Anthropology associate professor Adam Benton.  Professor Benton, a blogger with Filthy Monkey Men, frequently comments on Twitter regarding anthropology subjects, specifically Neanderthals.  In an exchange with Subspecieist.com editor Eric Dondero, Benton conceded that modern European ethnics have up to 6% Neanderthal DNA.

4MyPeople dedicated a 20 minute video on Benton conceding the point to Dondero.

Interestingly, 4MyPeople, who hails from northwestern Canada reports in the video his own Neanderthal DNA score, “absolutely… on 23 and Me I score 5%, close to 5%.  So, I’m more Neanderthal than people who take 23 and Me test. And I would say it’s even higher.  I have uniquely Neanderthal skeletal and morphological traits.”

4MyPeople goes on to read the full article and urges his viewers to follow Eric Dondero on Twitter.

Watch the full video at YouTube.


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