At 6:30 am this morning Dr. Charles Murray, author of “Losing Ground,” and the “Bell Curve,” announced on social media:

“One minute ago, I sent the PDF files with the corrections to the galleys of Human Diversity to my editor. It’s done, for practical purposes. I had to tell somebody.”

He offered no description of the book.  But back in March Murray gave a bit of a sneak preview, saying, “It’s Human Diversity: Gender, Race, Class, and Genes. The title is way more exciting than the book. It’s exceptionally nerdy.”  Some respondents took the nerdy and unexciting remark as Murray being a bit of a wisecrack, given his past highly controversial works.

From Clifford May, foreign affairs editor of the Washington Times:

This morning,, Dr. Murray received over 30 congratulation Tweets.  He took the opportunity to respond to one in particular from an anon, “Congrats, have a Scotch!” He responded, “There’s a pretty impressive lineup of adult beverages slated for dinner tonight.”

Notably, Claire Lehmann of libertarian/conservative Quillette offered congratulations.


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