The video was uploaded on May 5.  As of this writing it has nearly 900 views.  There are 103 comments.


“The problem with the race realism question, is that race is never clearly defined…  Race realists… want to say that race is a biological real category.  And unfortunately this is not clearly defined either… do they mean that races are legitimate taxonomic units such as subspecies…”

[Images of darkened sinister looking J.F. Gariepy (photo), Dave Rubin and Stefan Molyneux appear on the screen.]

At 46 seconds in, a Tweet from site editor Eric Dondero, dated April 22 appears:

“Humans are divided up in more than just two subspecies. There are maybe 10 to 20.  Most certainly whites with Neanderthal DNA; Asians with Denisovan; Sub-S Afros with archaic ghost species DNA.”


“Race realists claim that humans differ in a genetically meaningful way for us to be divided up into subspecies.  However, when pressured, many will default to a bait and switch tactic to avoid dealing with specifics and use weaker points of race realism to avoid particular claims that rely on stronger forms of race realism.”

The narrator goes on to criticize race realists for defining the beliefs in too broad a manner as to include anyone who recognizes racial differences.

The video is 10:10 minutes long.  And there is a Part II of similar length.

Liberal Sanity Project YouTube.


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