In a Tweet on April 19, Brittany Pettibone was quoted “Notre Dame is not just a building — It’s an 865 year old Catholic Cathedral, built for God, inside which Christians adore him… These architects can take their slimy ideas of redesign an flush then down the toilet.”  The Tweet ran in the UK Daily Mail, April 19,

“It’s burning feels like an act of liberation’: Rolling Stone magazine criticized for promoting article about Notre Dame on social media with controversial quote”

Pettibone is a well-known YouTuber on Race Realism topics, with a large following.  She has a new book on manners, “Girls.”

Pettibone, is engaged to controversial Austrian Identitarian Martin Zelner.

She was also Re-Tweeted by “American Nationalist” and OAN journalist Jack Posobiec.  He has over 460,000 followers.


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