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Eric Dondero, Houston, Texas USA

“Subspecieists celebrate maximum human diversity.  We oppose those who want to narrow the gene pool, eliminating certain ethnic groups through demographic replacement and even human genocide.” — Eric Dondero

Bio:  BA Political Science – Florida State University 1990. Libertarian National Comm ’87/88. US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) Snr. Dist. Aide ’97-03. US Navy Veteran 1981-85. USS Kittyhawk CV-63, USS Luce DDG-38. VFW mbr.

World Traveler – 25 nations on 5 continents. North America – from Alberta to Vera Cruz. Backpacked across southern Europe 2004. Multi-lingual – 10 languages, fluent in 5.

Contact:  Cell/Text: 979-848-4575. Follow at Gab.

What others are saying about this site

“An excellent site… [Dondero] knows his genetics and is current… politically incorrect stuff the geneticsts are hiding from you” Paesur Biey

My major is actually in “biological anthropology” … I completely agree with your scientific premise. It’s hard to deny it without ignoring the definition of the word subspecies. Props for putting it all together. — Bill DeWitt

“The website’s great. Summarizes the most important and fascinating points and provides links for further study” — Ben Lieberman

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