The ABA is now considering drastic changes including beefing up admission standards at the nation’s law schools.

The problem, diversity requirements pushing the schools to maximize non-white enrollments.  Ironically, the non-whites are being hurt the most.  Notes Anne Ryman, “these students [end up] carrying huge debts.”

From USA Today, Jan. 24,

5 takeaways from our yearlong investigation of law schools

“Experts say the number of graduates who aren’t passing the bar exam in two years represents a significant failure to meet the expectations of law school students, who after spending three years in school graduate with debt averaging more than $115,000

The ABA proposal is expected to be vigorously debated… Groups that represent law school students and faculty worry that struggling schools will respond by requiring higher scores on the law school entrance exam. This will hurt diversity in law schools and the legal profession, they say, because minority and economically disadvantaged students historically have scored lower on the Law School Admissions Test.”

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You cannot make people be good at something just because you want diversity. Some people should be doctors, some lawyers, some plumbers. I’m not knocking plumbers, they make good money. Just saying you can’t put a square peg in a round hole because you want diversity.



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