Left-biased Globalists get another one wrong

It was all the rage in the liberal media, left-biased Science magazines and academic circles, throughout the 2010s.  It fit the desired globalist narrative at the time.

From the NY Post, Aug. 2018,

Climate change doomed Neanderthals, study says

A new study by a group of researchers from multiple institutions in the US and Europe suggests that plunging temperatures may have been too much for Neanderthals to handle… scientists explain that a change appears to have taken place somewhere around 44,000 years ago. During this time, they believe the climate began to grow colder over a period of thousands of years and remained chilly for an extended period of time.

Temperatures eventually returned to where they were, but the archaeological record seems to indicate that many Neanderthals couldn’t push through the extended cold snap.

More from left-biased NBC News, 2011,

Climate Change May Have Doomed The Neanderthals

The study also hints at what’s to come if climate change forces modern cultures to blend, as their homes become inhospitable from drought, flooding or severe weather.

Michael Barton, an anthropologist at Arizona State University in Tempe…  “Our hope is that this gives us some kind of idea of the kinds of things that happen when people respond to environmental change,”

And from Smithsoanianmag.org, 2018, with a cleverly titled piece,

Climate Change Likely Iced Neanderthals Out Of Existence

Vasile Ersek of the University of Northumbria in England says in the release. “Our study suggests that climate change may have had an important role in the Neanderthal extinction.”

The double-dose of super-cold weather likely radically changed the environment, transforming the open woodlands of central Europe into Arctic-like steppes, reports Ariel David at Haaretz. Early humans with more adaptable strategies likely moved into former Neanderthal territory…

Now, with the release of a brand new study, we’re learning the demise of the Neanderthals had nothing to do with supposed climate change.  Rather, the study authors offer evidence backing up another commonly held theory: it was technology, including advanced weaponry of incoming Homo sapiens.

From scitechdaily.com:

Homo Neanderthaliensis did not become extinct because of changes in climate… A research group of the University of Bologna came to this conclusion after a detailed paleoclimatic reconstruction of the last ice age through the analysis of stalagmites sampled from some caves in Apulia, Italy.

This study was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution. Data extracted from the stalagmites showed that climate changes that happened during that time span were not particularly significant… “It doesn’t seem possible that significant climate changes happened during that period, at least not impactful enough to cause the extinction of Neanderthals in Apulia and, by the same token… in [the] Mediterranean.”

Paleontologist Stefano Benazzi at the Universita di Bologna explains:

“The results we obtained corroborate the hypothesis, put forward by many scholars, that the extinction of Neanderthals had to do with technology,” says Benazzi. “According to this hypothesis, the Homo Sapiens hunted using a technology that was far more advanced than Neanderthals’, and this represented a primary reason to Sapiens’ supremacy over Neanderthals, that eventually became extinct after 3,000 years of co-existence.”

Right-anthropology YouTuber Stefan Milo believes it was a combination of factors.  Climate getting colder played a role.  But the appearance of a newly particularly well-adapted Homo sapien population 39kya, called the Gravettian culture, finally did them in.  (“Why are Neanderthals Extinct” 2019)

We covered Benazzi’s preferred theory of advanced weaponry use by Homo sapiens here at Subspecieist.com back in 2019:

Researchers confirm advanced weaponry gave us the edge over Neanderthals





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